Patriza und Oliver Fritsche

Our new English-DVD: We show You how to dance Boogie Woogie!

Do you want to learn easy and quickly, how to dance Boogie Woogie and doyou want to do that unhurriedly at home?

This is how you start with your first steps.....

BOOGIE WOOGIE Dance for Beginners

This DVD teaches you the basic dance elements in the couples dance Boogie Woogie.

Starting with the 6 basic steps, we will show you step by step dance figures, like changing places, women and men turns and easy step variants.

DVD price: € 22 (shipping costs not included)

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No problem: Just order one of our 14 Training-DVDs for Boogie Woogie or get one of our special “combo packs”.
DVD for Beginners (available in english or in german)
DVD for advanced dancers I (only in german available)
DVD for advanced dancers II (only in german available)
DVD for advanced dancers III (only in german available)
SPEZIAL WORKSHOP I (only in german available)
SPEZIAL WORKSHOP II (only in german available)
SPEZIAL WORKSHOP III (only in german available)
SPEZIAL WORKSHOP IV (only in german available)
And here our XXL-DVDs:
dance (only in german available)
WORKOUT FAST dance (only in german available)

All our DVDs base on years of experience as successful dancers in competitions and show dances and our expertise as Trainers and dance instructors with C and B trainer licences for the “German Rock`n Roll and Boogie Woogie Association” (DRBV).

You can purchase our DVDs at Fritsches-World ( for just €22 and our XXL-DVDs for just €33 each (shipping costs not included).

And our two attractive “combo packs”:
Boogie Woogie DVDs for advanced dancers (DVD I, II and III)
Just € 60 (shipping costs not included)

Boogie Woogie Special Workshop (DVD I, II, III and IV)
Just € 78 (shipping costs not included)


Hier startest du mit deinen ersten Boogie-Schritten >> Du hast Feuer gefangen und willst dein Repertoire vergrößern >> Deinen Tanzstil willst du mit neuen Figuren und einem dynamischen Grundschritt erweitern >>
Boogie Woogie
Fortgeschrittene III >>
Als Tänzer willst du vielseitig sein. Leichte Akros, neue Schritte und Figuren inspirieren dich >> Coole Bewegungen und Highlightfiguren bereichern dein Tanzen >>

Nun willst du Slow und Fast auf einem hohen Niveau tanzen können >> NEU
Boogie Woogie
Special Workshop IV >>
Du willst auf den Olymp. Verbessere deinen Boogie-Slow-Style...
Du willst auf den Olymp. Verbessere deinen Boogie-Fast-Style...